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Affiliate: Alice Matevosian Totillo


Intuitive (Turkish Coffee Readings)

Phone: 520-245-7046



Alice has dedicated her life to her family and to her art.  She is particularly drawn to the healing arts.

Alice is also a phenomenal Intuitive and will be conducting Turkish Coffee Readings

at Heroic Heart Wellness Center.

Turkish Coffee Reading is an ancient method of divination, passed down the generations.

As an Armenian, Alice was blessed to have been exposed to this tradition.


Turkish Coffee Reading entails interpreting patterns of coffee grounds in a cup as well as the saucer. 


Not only is this custom entertaining, the symbols that take shape from the patterns in the coffee grounds provide insight, inspiration and guidance, similar to dream interpretation.

Alice has mastered

the art of this practice.

And when you schedule

an appointment with her,

you are in for a treat!

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