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Affiliate: Bev Paul

Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation Practitioner

Group Meditation & Mindfulness Trainer

Phone: 520 250-4109


Learn to be  present
                 and enjoy the moment!

For the past 20 years Bev has been teaching meditation classes to people of all ages,

cultures and life situations. She is currently teaching classes in Tucson school districts

with much success, beginning with preschool age children.


Meditation can be an extremely simple way of connecting with ones self,

and finding solutions to challenges, small or large. People report relief

from a variety of physical and emotion issues by learning how to truly quiet their minds

and find inner peace and calm. There has also been significant improvement

with the frustration of insomnia.


Initially, Bev teaches guided meditations and then progresses to include the art of silent meditation

and walking meditation. She also plays her incredibly beautiful crystal singing bowls

to further support the entire meditative experience.


Her services include private Group Meditations in the privacy of client’s homes for any size group.

Her fees are surprisingly affordable.


Bev is a resilient survivor herself of life’s traumas, including cancer.  Meditation was one of the tools

that helped her manage the issues included in a very difficult two-year recovery.  She now celebrates

her success of being cancer-free, healthy, happy and thriving for 10 years.


She welcomes your inquiry by phone, text or email and is happy to answer any questions

you may have or to make an appointment for a private session.

                   Bev Paul

                Phone: 520 250-4109


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