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Affiliate: Gem Krebs

Certified Qigong Instructor by World Ki Gong Association
Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach
Qigong Healer
Esoteric Kung Fu Practitioner
Meditation Instructor

Phone: 520-551-7769



Our motivational (and absolutely adorable) instructor, Gem Krebs, has been practicing the art form of Qigong for over 15 years.


Gem's education in eastern philosophy, medicine, and energy work has paid off!  She has successfully improved her own health and turned around multiple autoimmune diseases.  Her current passion is to spread the knowledge and means of her own healing.

Qigong is a moving meditation and martial art that is easy to learn.  The exercises effectively move stagnant energy in the body, promote health and anti-aging, improve mobility, enhance mind-body connection, and increase mental clarity.


A lover of nature and travel, Gem will take you on journeys with various practices that promote healing, relaxation, clarity of mind, and reconnection with your authentic self!

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