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Saturday, February 15

10 AM - NOON           Learn Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine  by Energy Medicine Practitioner, Cathy Thurman

Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Cathy Thurman, will be explaining and instructing

Donna' Eden's Daily Energy Routine, which is a simple 7-minute routine that harmonizes the energy body and promotes wellness.  Through a method of Kinesiology called muscle testing, Cathy will ensure each attendee is self-administering the correct variant of each exercise, most suitable to their personal range of motion and the condition of their energy body.  There will be plenty of time for questions and practice.  By the end of the class, you'll be leaving with a hard copy of the routine, feeling confidant, chipper and fully energized!

1 PM - 2 PM               What Happens in Hypnosis - The Natural, the Unexpected, and the Just Plain Weird

                                                                                                                                           by Hypnosis Practitioner, Joyce Hansen

Joyce Hansen is a new addition to our wellness center, and we're delighted to have her!  As you will soon discover, she is a class act!  Joyce is a wellness and spiritual educator, as well as a personal coach.  Recognizing that each individual is on a unique journey of self-awareness and evolving consciousness, her workshops at the center will focus on developing the key skills of self-hypnosis, insightful intuition, mindful meditation and better brain performance during this time of transition.

We hope you'll join Joyce during this presentation as she explains how hypnosis can create

positive changes in our lives at any time and how this powerful practice remains one of the

most misunderstood healing arts.  Joyce will discuss how the natural mental state of hypnosis

occurs more often than we realize and how hypnosis can have unexpected control over our minds

and body.  Addressing the "Just Plain Weird",  she will reveal the secret reason why audience members

of a stage hypnosis show are willing to do silly things they would never dream of doing in public!

2:30 PM - 5:30 PM     Crane Origami Art Workshop   by Art Therapist, Pat Thurman and Life Coach, Cathy Thurman

Join Pat and Cathy in the "art of paper folding".

In this workshop, you will master the origami CRANE,

and you will have ample time to bead

your lovely hand-crafted cranes into a chain

for you to hang in a special place at home!


This workshop is FREE,

but seating is limited,

so please reserve your spot

by emailing:


5:30 PM - 7:30 PM     Questions & Answers About The Center  with HEROIC HEART owners, Pat and Cathy Thurman

Do have any questions about the center?  Any ideas?  If so, join Pat and Cathy after hours,

and let's talk!

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