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Sunday, February 9

10 AM - 11 AM           Coffee, Tea & Grounding Techniques  by Energy Medicine Practitioner, Cathy Thurman

Join Cathy for a warm-up of energy medicine, followed by hot beverages and biscotti,

while she discusses the importance of energetic grounding and demonstrates multiple grounding techniques.  Pssst... There's a BONUS: You get to leave with a goodie bag!

11 AM - NOON           Ionic Detox Foot Bath Demonstration  by Debbie Castillo

Debbie is a highly intuitive and experienced, Energy Medicine Practitioner with LOTS of healing tools in her energy medicine toolkit!  She's the newest member in our Heroic Heart family, and it's a honor to have her here, sharing her wealth of knowledge and healing methods!  During this event, Debbie will be demonstrating just one of many services that she will be conducting at the center...

the Ionic Detox Foot Bath.  Who doesn't enjoy a good foot soak?  If you are interested in Debbie,

you may find more information about her here:

1 PM - 2 PM                Foot Reflexology Demonstration  by Reflexologist, Nick Cosentino

Nick Consentino has been working in health care and social service his entire career, which comes naturally to him because he's a natural born healer.  His specialties at Heroic Heart are Reflexology and Life Coaching.  During this event, Nick will explain how the feet are a "map" of the entire body.

He will be introducing the concept of "reflex points" and how reflex points become blocked due to the wear and tear our feet suffer from chronic use.  Moreover, a very lucky participant in the audience will experience the magic of Reflexology as Nick demonstrates the steps to a Reflexology session.  Our lucky participant will leave relaxed, revitalized and walk away with a VERY happy pair of tootsies!

2:30 PM - 5:30 PM     Introduction to Soul Collage® Workshop, by Soul Collage Facilitators, Pat & Cathy Thurman

Would you like to create your own personalized version of "Tarot Cards"?  If you're interested in

art, creativity, self-awareness, journaling, meditation and personal growth, this is the workshop for you (no artistic talent required)!  Pat & Cathy will introduce to you the simplicity of Soul Collage®, a fun and carefree way to learn more about your personality and soul.  In this workshop, the facilitators will explain the process and components to Soul Collage®.  You will be randomly selecting images, from which you will cut, paste and assemble onto your first two Soul Collage cards.  In this workshop, there is no such thing as "coincidence".  The images you select will have significant meaning (coming from your subconscious mind), and the meaning will present itself while you journal answers to a list a questions provided by the facilitators.  Afterwards, you have the option to share and further process the card with your fellow group members.  Soul Collage® is exactly as described, it's "soulful" and gives way to exciting self-discovery and heartfelt bonding with new friends!  PLEASE NOTE:  This workshop is FREE, but seating is limited, so please reserve your spot by emailing:

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