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Raising Vibration During Coronavirus

Thought for the Day:

Unlike any other, this is the time to keep our spirits HIGH! There are countless ways to raise our vibration during Coronavirus, one of which is energy medicine and following an energy medicine routine, like Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong or Donna Eden’s Daily Routine: Another way is to use the involuntary downtime we have (from Coronavirus social distancing) to analyze and possibly re-organize the activities of our daily and weekly routine.

As a Life Coach, the “Six Basic Human Needs” (Certainty, Variety, Significance, Love & Connection, Growth, and Contribution) is one of the first theories I introduce to my clients. This blog specifically addresses the need for CERTAINTY.

To maintain our physical and emotional health, it’s necessary for us to have some degree of certainty, which is normally supported by ritual activities. The routine practices in our life ground and center us, providing the necessary foundation to deal with stress and life’s unexpected challenges. These daily/weekly practices are what makes our home feel warm and safe and what helps us feel “connected” to our family, our friends, our SELF, as well as our spirituality.

Because our routines can become “mundane”, it’s easy to lose sight of their significance in the maintenance of our wellness. It’s also easy to lose sight of the daily activities we’ve outgrown and no longer serve us.

Coronavirus has most certainly shaken things up in our routine. It’s a scary, confusing time across the globe, and my heart goes out to everyone! All we can do is make the most of it.

I had just started a new business, and my life was actually lacking routine, to the point I had zero consistency. The only thing “certain” in my life was that it was growing out of balance by the day. It was becoming unhealthy, but my hands were full with new responsibilities to which I was learning to adapt.

Regardless, my business was beginning to boom. Then enters the Coronavirus, bringing everything to an abrupt halt. I had worked hard to establish a community “wellness” center that sadly, could no longer be safely utilized, in attempt to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Things are far from perfect. I’m worried about the health of my clients and loved ones. However, if I had not reclaimed my old routine practices sooner than later, I was heading for health troubles of my own … And how would that have helped my clients and loved ones down the road? The daily practices I “put on hold” in order to develop my business were little activities that nourished and cleansed my body, mind and soul. Ironically, the unfortunate event of Coronavirus helped me to prioritize the things I once held sacred.

Scary and inconvenient as it may be, Coronavirus is slowing us down and drawing us into the present moment. And therein lies opportunity… The opportunity to reflect on what we need more of OR less of in our daily practices to promote wellness.

Do we need more or less time at the gym? Do we need more or less family time… or social time? Does our social time need to involve high-octane coffee, junk food, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes or excessive spending? Do we need more or less time alone? Is the ritual of “social media time” robbing us of healthy, personal time to simply regroup and collect ourselves? Do we need more or less hobbies, study time, TV time or sleep?

Coronavirus presents us with the opportunity to expand our consciousness and gain new perspective. Social distancing yields more time to take a closer look at the routine tasks in which we partake and to truly evaluate how well they benefit our performance and full potential.

We have a chance to ask the questions: What can I live without?... What must I have?... and What do I value most? Perhaps the most important question is… “Am I really happy”? If the answer is no, we have opportunity to reflect and to create an outline of new tasks that can help us reach that objective… tasks we can choose to make “sacred” with the commitment of daily practice.

During this time of adversity, I’m wishing you and yours joyful, nourishing and ceremonious activities in the safety of your home. And may you never forget to include “self-care” in your daily ritual!

Good Health, Prayers and Blessings to All!

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